“To change your life, you have to change the way you think. Behind everything you do, is a thought. Every behavior is motivated by a belief. Every action is promoted by an attitude. Be careful of how you think. Your life is directed by your thoughts!”

- John Wright

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Coach & Mentor

Whether delivering a keynote address, working one-on-one through his exclusive coaching program, or putting corporate and athletic teams through their paces at his unique performance training camp. John embraces his role as coach and teacher, moving people from Point A to Point B.

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Get Beyond “Thinking” to “Doing”

Are you and your team ready to catapult to the next level and beyond? John Wright is a master at motivating business professionals, athletes, or anyone ready to move ahead. With humor, sincerity and the track record to back up everything he teaches, he will take you beyond thinking to doing!

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A Highly Sought-After Speaker

John considers himself a professional who speaks about his many life leadership experiences, rather than a professional speaker. His stellar career speaks to his integrity, knowledge, and credibility, yet what makes audiences rave about him is his ability to engage through humor, compassion, sincerity, and straight talk.

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Overcome Resistance and Live Your "Most Amazing Future"

It’s that time of year again.  The holidays are upon us, a year ends, and another one begins.  It’s a great time to reflect; to look at your life and where you are currently, and where you’d like to go. Many of you may have read my latest blog series, The River of Resistance.  In it, I write about us having two lives.  The life we are currently living, and our unlived life, also known as our dream life or our most amazing future.  What separates us from that unlived life is resistance, and I like to call it the River...READ MORE

What it takes to be a leader

I have been involved in leadership for a lifetime and have developed what I call the Five C's of Leadership.  If you can score yourself highly on these traits, you are well on your way to becoming the champion you desire to be.  Remember, you don't become a champion when you win.  You win because YOU ARE a champion.   The Five C's of Leadership:   #1 Character.  When I mention character, I am not referring to your moral code, but rather asking, Do you walk your talk?  Leaders are easy to follow when they ask you to do as they do, not do...READ MORE