“When I was a kid and a teenager, I always wanted to be just like my Dad. He could do it all! He was a great athlete, an accomplished hunter, he was an MDRT qualifier in his first year in the business and every year following, totaling 43 years. He has made Top of the Table the last four out of five years. He could motivate me to take the hill at any moment. He truly follows Christ in his daily life..." Read More

- Brian Bailey - Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Coaching and Mentoring

John’s grandfather was an engineer on the railroad. His job was to get people from Point A to Point B. John’s father was a Division One Head Coach and his job was to help athletes accomplish their performance goals. John was an elite athlete. When he graduated from the University of Illinois, he was the 5th all time receiver in NCAA history. He was a second round draft choice in the NFL and a starter for the Detroit Lions. For 37 years, John has developed leaders within one of the world’s most respected financial services companies. This background gives John a proven track record for getting people from Point A to Point B and beyond.

Most people say they don’t like change. However, when they are challenged, they admit they do like change. What they don’t like is the transition from Point A to Point B. John understands this and has been extremely successful in helping people through the transition to achieving their goals.

John works closely with a number of successful leaders who want to be better. He believes there is little passion in little goals, but great passion in great goals. He works with leaders who have great passion about growth. He calls this transformational leadership.