“To change your life, you have to change the way you think. Behind everything you do, is a thought. Every behavior is motivated by a belief. Every action is promoted by an attitude. Be careful of how you think. Your life is directed by your thoughts!”

- John Wright

John Wright Speaking Video

Kathy Kaler | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I recently read with a great deal of interest the article in the News Gazette about your life skills work with the Chicago Bears rookies. It sounds like your program has been very successful. You obviously made quite an impression on those young men.

Kate Dearaujo | Financial Representative – Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your enlightenment (God), insight and extraordinary presentation. I am going through difficult challenges in my life and was quite moved by the prayer in the beginning of the presentation. Thank you. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have met you and to hear your extraordinary message.

Dr. Wells Anderson | Champaign, IL

I came away from Rotary today with a spring to my step and regretted that I had been out of town at the time of your first two presentations. As I drove back to “my little office” I was talking to myself and had those familiar feelings of being turned on. It’s been almost ten years since I retired, but I well remember one of the reasons for my success. I think it all boils down to the question of ‘Who motivates the motivator?’

Paul S. Montello | Financial Representative – Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Congratulations on being one of the greatest leaders of our time. Although I have only met you a couple of times, you have made a big impact on me for several years, as I have listened to you speak (and on the recorded CD’s, over and over and over.) Perhaps that’s a sign of your impact – you are touching the lives of people you don’t even know. WOW! You and your son are two men to whom I owe a lot. You have given me the courage to grow and to tackle my fears. You two have truly blessed me. I pray God will continue to bless you and your family.

Ira Herman | Top of the Table – Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

I finally had a chance to read the article on your life skills camps at Greyfield. What an article and what a great testimony to you! I think it goes without saying that people like you are making a huge difference in other people’s lives on a daily basis. It is an absolute honor and privilege for me to count you and your son amongst two of my very favorite people in the world.

Ronald V. Krizek | Top of the Table – Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Congratulations! It doesn’t seem possible that you would be retiring as Managing Partner already. I congratulate you on a fabulous career and the difference you have made in the lives of so many people over the years. It is nice to see you continuing to stay active and positively influencing other people with your coaching and management skills.

Coray A. Grove | ADP – Automated Data Processing, Inc.

“Last night at cocktail hour and over dinner it became clear how big an impact you made on the team yesterday. The group was electrified by your message and the delivery. You truly had everyone “shocked and awed.” A ton of ideas were being thrown around about how to execute on the concepts you shared. My focus now is on reinforcement which won’t be too hard, considering I absolutely believe the information, specifically around the Power of Full Engagement, is fundamental to high performance.”